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XYPN PAUSE Learning Community

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This learning community is exclusively for active members of the XY Planning Network. Through your engaged participation, you will achieve clarity regarding your business strategy. That is, you'll create a blueprint for building the business you want.

Membership includes the self-paced Foundations of Strategy workshop and the opportunity to participate in a series of monthly, highly interactive web meetings facilitated by the founders of Human Scale Business. The meetings will give you the opportunity to practice, explore, and learn with and from your peers and other experts.

Those who demonstrate mastery of the strategic frameworks featured in the workshop will be eligible to participate in the Business Strategy Summit at #XYPNLIVE as well as other special XYPN programs.

To learn more, contact Dave Bayless at Human Scale Business.

What You'll Get

  • Clarify the strategic direction of the firm you want to build
  • Develop a shared language with which to discuss and evaluate strategy
  • Learn to use a variety of visual models to help you think more clearly about your business, and
  • Create a framework with which to guide your choice of tactics.


Laura Black is a Professor of Management at Montana State University’s Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship. Laura has taught professional communications, business software skills, strategy, and entrepreneurship courses. She is also co-founder of Human Scale Business, which helps consultants and other expert service providers design and host learning communities of clients and prospects to maximize the lifetime value of their relationships. Laura is a principal in Greer Black Company, a research and consulting firm specializing in collaborative processes. With work experiences in travel journalism and large-company information systems, she received her MBA from the University of Texas at Austin and her Ph.D. from MIT’s Sloan School of Management.

Dave Bayless is a co-founder of Human Scale Business. He has contributed to the launch, reorganization, or growth of several companies as a co-founder, management team member, and advisor. Dave has played strategy, finance, administration, product development, and operational roles. He started his career in banking and private equity, where he had a key role in more than $500 million of capital commitments. As a member of entrepreneurial teams, Dave has helped raise more than $30 million of capital. Dave earned a BS at Montana State University and an MBA at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

Arlene Moss is the Executive Business Coach, otherwise known as Head Cheerleader, at XY Planning Network, LLC. As a member of the XYPN team, she works with firms in all stages of business growth through one-on-one coaching, team coaching, and small group instruction. Arlene began working with fee-only financial planners at the Alliance of Comprehensive Planners (ACP). She launched Kimberlite Coaching in order to focus her coaching efforts on one-on-one coaching for established planners before joining the XYPN team. She attended Michigan State University and earned a BBA from Georgia State University.

Don Greer is the author of content featured in the program and is a modeling and facilitation expert. He has worked with companies in semiconductor, logistics, aerospace, telecommunications, software, pharmaceutical, and commodity manufacturing industries as well as humanitarian and wildlife non-profits, cities, military, and large government organizations, and start-up ventures to help leadership and management teams create and implement effective strategies in complex environments. With 35 years’ experience as an internal and external consultant, manager, facilitator, and system developer, Don’s work draws on rich theoretical frameworks and a repertoire of practical analytical, project management, and collaboration skills and tools. He is a principal of Greer Black Company, a research and consulting company specializing in collaborative processes for strategy design, operational implementation, product development, and organizational change and transformation.

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